Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Now that you’re here, I guess we had better get you acquainted with the house rules.

By using this site, you agree to the following terms:

  1. Any information you submit to this site will be treated like gold. By submitting it to the site, you give us an opportunity to make contact with you, which we heart ♥
  2. We don’t trade or sell your personally identifiable details to third parties. (See point 1 re: ♥)
  3. All our content belongs to us. We’d be delighted to have you share it, provided you respect our copyright and credit us as the source. As long as you aren’t using our material in unlawful, unethical or unusual ways that may bring us into disrepute, we’ll get along just fine.
  4. On that note, don’t use our logo or trademarks without permission, especially to imply we sponsor, endorse or are affiliated with something we do not have rights to claim. It’s not right, it’s not nice and you’ll make our lawyers angry. Seriously you don’t want that. They are scary suits.
  5. You’re responsible for how you use this site. What you use and where you move your mouse is completely at your discretion. We always recommend web safe practices, and frown on risk, so if you can’t be good, please be careful!
  6. We share the web with everyone. Unfortunately, this includes malicious entities who may deliberately seek to disrupt our intentions to serve you a site free of problems or viruses. Rave Interactive is not responsible for damages incurred through regular use of the Site, but we endeavour to act quickly to contain issues if they arise. Please contact us immediately if you see anything on this site that looks suspicious.
  7. This site links to third party websites that we have no control over. While we work on world-wide-web domination/peace, remember to always click at your own risk.
  8. There are cookies present on this site. That sounds more delicious than it is, but really, we’re just collecting crumbs of technical, non-personal data that we use to help us understand how people use our site and what browsers they’re using to help us improve performance.
  9. We abide and will adhere to the requirements of the laws of Victoria, Australia. You agree we’re not liable for any damages or loss you incur from using this site otherwise. E.g loss of time and/or realising you’ve missed your train stop because you were completely immersed in one of our latest musings.
  10. While we believe in karma, it can be awfully slow. Any attempt to tamper with the site or violate these terms and conditions will be met with the full force of the law.
  11. Hardly anyone reads this far, so you’re doing well! Stop by again, as we might change these terms from time to time at short notice.
  12. We love feedback! Feel free to contact us anytime and tell us how we’re doing.
  13. You might also want to take a look at our Privacy Policy.
  14. Now, be excellent to each other.

If you have any queries or complaints about our Terms of Use please contact us at:

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