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1:1 Personal Training

  • Personal training sessions enable our members to progress towards specific performance goals, improve technique, or can be completed as part of a targeted rehab program
  • Whether it’s your first pull-up, muscle up, or improved confidence under the barbell, our coaches specialize in Weightlifting, gymnastics, and pregnancy/post-partum to meet all your needs
  • 1:1 PT sessions start at $85  for 45 minutes



Training is a great way to improve your health and fitness but nutrition is the other side of the coin.

We don’t believe in fad diets. Nothing extreme, nothing drastic.

Our daily food choices have an enormous impact on how we perform and look but that doesn’t mean that you should deny yourself or feel hungry.

We have partenered with the team at Married to My Macros to provide a top tier coaching service. MTMM coaches will help you improve your relationship with food, increase your knowledge around how to eat for your your body, and smash your health and fitness goals.

Click the link to learn more about their coaching services. 

2 or 4-Session PT On-Ramps

  • Whether you’re new to lifting, or just new to CrossFit, our adult on-ramp programs prepare you for group classes by introducing you to many of the main movements, the Olympic Lifts, and gymnastics progressions
  • After an initial 1:1 introductory session we offer either a 2-or 4-session PT on-ramp to get you familiarized with the basics of CrossFit*
  • These sessions will ensure you feel comfortable, confident & safe entering group classes
  • A 2-session on ramp investment is $159 and 4-sessions are $309

*Yes, if you’re looking to join with a friend we can absolutely make your intro and on-ramp sessions 2:1!

CrossFit Juniors

  • Kids aged 8-13 are encouraged to push outside their comfort zone in a fun, safe, and inclusive environment
  • Kids will learn new skills & gain confidence while learning to work with new friends.
  • Coaching focuses on having fun & establishing foundational movement patterns for fitness both in and outside the gym
  • To enquire about our next intake for CrossFit Kids, email



If you're new to CrossFit, we believe that your first session sets the groundwork for a lifetime of quality training. 

Your intro session starts with a 45 minute 1:1 consult, including:


Movement screening & analysis


Fitness history and goal setting - a chance for our coaches to find out what tools you have in your arsenal and what you're most excited to learn


Introduction to the CrossFit methodology, our processes, and foundational movements


A fun, moderate-intensity workout tailored to your current abilities


Never done CrossFit or functional training before? No problem, our coaches will guide you through each step of the process and customize all workouts to your needs.

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