Get the most out of yourself.

We are the largest strength and conditioning facility in the Melbourne Eastern suburbs and a 10+ year affiliate with experience crafting fitter, stronger, faster & healthier humans.

We believe that anyone can complete our workouts, and everyone should.

On any given day we ask our members to dig-deeper, push further, and show up for themselves: results only come to those who leave their comfort zone.

Our training is not reserved only for highly conditioned individuals; quite the opposite, we believe CrossFit is a style of training that benefits everyone, at every stage.

You don’t have to be fit to start – you just have to take the first step.

Book your free 1:1 PT intro session and start the first day of the rest of your life at CrossFit Blackburn

More than a gym.

A Community.

All our workouts can be modified so every single person can do a version that benefits them. This is true whether you’re a high performance athlete or someone who has been away from fitness for weeks, months, or years.

Injuries? Post-Partum? No-experience? Our coaches will help you scale and adjust to meet your needs and move you towards your goals.

Our coaches care, our workouts are fun, and our members are awesome to train with.


Sam Vas
Sam Vas
Great Gym ! Really experienced trainers :) every session is different and challenging.
Bec B
Bec B
Crossfit Blackburn is an awesome place to train. The coaches are supportive and help you reach your goals by encouraging, challenging and giving tips and guidance every step of the way. Each session is well planned with a variety of exercises and a good mix of strengthand cardio, all of which can be adapted to your level and needs. And then there's the community - everyone is so supportive and encouraging. Such a fun place to train and get results! 💪
Claire Knell
Claire Knell
More than just a gym - it’s a community. Have felt welcomed from the moment I first stepped in the door. Have achieved more than I ever dreamed possible and continue to set, and reset my fitness goals. Every session is fun, engaging, challenging and individualised to suit the needs of all.
Casey Marshall
Casey Marshall
This place is truly incredible! After joining in mid-December, I couldn't be more impressed with Crossfit Blackburn's community. The coaches are rediculously knowledgeable, yet what blows me away more so, is their unending care for each member. I may not remember what lifts I did last week, but somehow, they do and provide guidance to ensure your training in a safe way towards your goals. The members are so warm and welcoming, and there's a great mix of fitness levels. The hour I spend here is consistently one of the best hours of my day!



If you're new to CrossFit, we believe that your first session sets the groundwork for a lifetime of quality training. 

Your intro session starts with a 45 minute 1:1 consult, including:


Movement screening & analysis


Fitness history and goal setting - a chance for our coaches to find out what tools you have in your arsenal and what you're most excited to learn


Introduction to the CrossFit methodology, our processes, and foundational movements


A fun, moderate-intensity workout tailored to your current abilities


Never done CrossFit or functional training before? No problem, our coaches will guide you through each step of the process and customize all workouts to your needs.

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