THURSDAY 1st September
Strength (WEIGHT)
Tempo squats
12min – sets of 3 (5sec down/5sec pause/fast up, max out)

Metcon #1 – 10min amrap (ROUNDS+REPS)
20 back squats (40/25)(35/20)(30/15)
10 burpee pull ups
Metcon #2 – 6min amrap (REPS)
Kb swings (24/16)(20/12)(16/10)
*100m run penalty every time you break

FRIDAY 2nd September
Bench + cleans (WEIGHT FOR EACH)
20min – 3 reps of each (max out)

Metcon – 30min amrap (ROUNDS+REPS)
5 hspu
9 box jumps
13 sdhp (24/16)(20/12)(16/10)

SATURDAY 3rd September

SUNDAY 4th September


This is another BIG week of WOD’s guys,
be safe, take extra rest, allow more time
for warm up and cool down. YES there is
some doubling up on movements, YES
there is some heavy weights, and
YES there is a heap of burpees, pick and
choose which ones you want to hit, sit
out the others, and remember you can
come in and do a light recovery session
on the bike/rower etc.

MONDAY 5th September
“2011 clean and jerk/rope ladder” – 15min cap
For time:
Rope climb 5,4,3,2,1
Clean + Jerk 5,4,3,2,1 (ascending weight)
“2012 sprint chipper” – 15min cap
For time:
10 o/h squats
10 box overs
10 thrusters
10 power cleans
10 toes to bar
10 burpee muscle ups
(return in reverse order)
*bar weight (60/40)(50/30)(40/25)

TUESDAY 6th September
“2014 beach event”
250m run/row
50 kb thrusters
30 burpees
500m run/row
30 burpees
50 kb thrusters
250m run/row
*double kb’s (16/12)(14/10)(12/8)

WEDNESDAY 7th September
“2010 triplet” – 7min amrap
7 deadlifts (140/90)(110/75)(80/50)
14 pistol squats
21 double unders
“2008 couplet” – 15min cap
5 rounds of:
5 deadlift (125/80)(100/70)(80/50)
10 burpees
*don’t stress about the weight, just
work through at your own pace, break
up the reps as needed.

THURSDAY 8th September
“2015 midline madness” – 20min cap
15m bar carry (weight TBA)
200m run
“2010 final – THE rope” – 12 amrap
5 burpees over the wall
3 rope climbs

FRIDAY 9th September
“2016 squat clean pyramid” – 15min cap
squats clean 10,8,6,4,2
*ascending weight
“2015 triangle chipper” – 15min cap
for time
15,10,6 reps of:
Thrusters (70/40)(60/30)(50/25)
Bar muscle ups

SATURDAY 10th September

SUNDAY 11th September

MONDAY 12th September
Strength (WEIGHT)
5min – tech
15min – 1 rep max

Conditioning (ROUNDS+REPS)
Heavy Metcon – 13min amrap
8 lunges (60/40)(50/30)(40/25)
12 pull ups (RX+ chest to bar)
16 burpees over the bar

TUESDAY 13th September
Strength (WEIGHT)
Turkish get up
10min – tech
15min – heavy singles

Conditioning (ROUNDS+REPS)
Metcon – 8min amrap
20 kb swings(24/16)(20/12)(16/10)
20 kb thrusters (single bell)

WEDNESDAY 14th September
Clean and jerk (WEIGHT)
9min – 2 reps every 90sec (submax)
Front squat (WEIGHT)
9min – 2 reps every 90sec (submax)

Conditioning (ROUNDS+REPS)
Metcon – 12min amrap
250m row
5 hspu (RX+ strict)

THURSDAY 15th September
Strength (WEIGHT)
Floor press + strict pull ups
16min – 5 reps on each (go set for set with a partner – heavy)

Conditioning (REPS)
Metcon – 16min for max reps
90sec to do:
10 wallballs
10 toes to bar
Amrap shuttle runs in remaining time
*rest 30sec

FRIDAY 16th September
Strength (WEIGHT)
5min – warm up
10min – 3 reps on the minute (submax)

Conditioning (ROUNDS+REPS)
Team Metcon – 28min amrap
100 sdhp (40/25)(35/20)(30/15)
100 double unders
20 rope climbs
*teams of 3. 2 can work, 1 must stay
“at home base” holding a KB, you may tag in
and out as you please.

SATURDAY 17th September

SUNDAY 18th September

MONDAY 19th September
Strength (WEIGHT)
Squat clean
4min – warm up to medium heavy weight
12min – 2 reps every 45sec

Conditioning (TOTAL REPS)
Metcon – 13min cap
Strict burpee 2,4,6,8,…etc.
power clean 1,2,3,4,….etc.
*bar (60/40)(50/30)(40/25)

TUESDAY 20th September
Strength (WEIGHT)
Sled work
20min – max out on push or pull
Skills (NO SCORE)
Rope climbs
10min – open practice

Conditioning (ROUNDS+REPS)
Metcon – 10min amrap
8 front rack lunges (45/30)(35/25)(30/20)
30 sec plank hold

WEDNESDAY 21st September
Strength (WEIGHT)
Power snatch + strict press
4min – tech work
16min – doing 6+3 reps up to max effort

Conditioning (ROUNDS+REPS)
Metcon – 15min amrap
10cal row
10 thrusters (45/30)(35/25)(30/20)
10 ab mat sit ups

THURSDAY 22nd September
Partner conditioning (REPS)
36min for max reps
alternated min rounds with partner
a) bar dips
b) double kb swings (2×20/14)(16/10)(12/8)
c) pull ups

FRIDAY 23rd September
O/H squat (WEIGHT)
10min – go 5 for 5 with a partner
Back squat (WEIGHT)
10min – go 5 for 5 with a partner

Conditioning (TOTAL REPS)
Metcon – 14min cap
Hspu 3,6,9,12,….etc.
Kb swing cleans 6,12,18,24,…etc.
*Kb (24/16)(20/12)(16/10)

SATURDAY 24th September

SUNDAY 25th September

MONDAY 26th September
Strength/conditioning (WEIGHT)
Heavy metcon – 15min cap
3 hang snatch
25 double unders
*start with bar, add 5/2.5kg each round
Metcon – 15min amrap (ROUNDS+REPS)
30 wallball
200m run carrying wallball
30 s/a kb high pull
30 s/a kb o/h lunge
*kb (24/16)(20/12)(16/10)

TUESDAY 27th September
Strength (REPS)
Strict pull up
10min – 1,2,3,4,…etc., set for set with partner
Strict leg raise (REPS)
10min – 1,2,3,4,…etc., set for set with partner
Conditioning (ROUNDS+REPS)
Metcon – 13min amrap
9 backsquats (50/30)(40/25)(30/20)
2 rope climbs (redline)

WEDNESDAY 28th September
Strength/conditioning (WEIGHT)
35min cap
“DT + row ladder”
Partner up, take turns doing a round of:
12 deadlifts
9 hang power cleans
6 s.t.o
Then take turns doing a 350m row
*increase weight each round

THURSDAY 29th September
Strength/conditioning (ROUNDS+REPS)
Heavy metcon – 10min amrap
20m bear crawl
1 front squat (@80% of 1rm)
Metcon#1 – 11min amrap (ROUNDS+REPS)
13 burpees
9 front squats (45/30)(35/25)(30/20)
5 toes to bar
Metcon#2 – 7min amrap (ROUNDS+REPS)
13 abmat sit ups
9 front squats (same bar)
5 hspu

FRIDAY 30th September