2015 CrossFit Open done and dusted.

Hopefully now we all have a better idea on what weaknesses we need to work on for next year, whether we like it or not.

Did everyone else notice that the gymnastic component played a huge part in separating the scaled from the RX?

Having said that the scaled option was a first this year. No other Open to date allowed participants to choose scaled or RX. Was I happy about it ? No, not at first but I came around and realised that it made all the difference with members doing the Open or not. If it came down to having a go or boycotting the Open I believe scaling was definitely the better option. It gave everyone the chance to be involved, to participate and discover where they needed to improve. If you found that the weights were too heavy or the gymnastic movements too hard the scaled option was a big plus.

Our CFBB team (yes we had a team!) was automatically picked by the highest scores from  our top three boys & girls from each of the five WODs.  We ended up 158th team in Australia out of around 380 and 2,252 out of 4,420 world wide. I’m very happy with that result.

In Australia in the individual events there were  5,766 male competitors and 4,670 female competitors. We had a total of 56 competing at CFBB with everyone who didn’t register giving it a go anyway on Friday’s and Monday’s.

CFBB top 1,000 in Australia athletes (at the time of writing) were:

Wesz H- 669, Frank S- 798, Matt N- 852, Nick R- 991
Svetlana K- 640, Kylie W- 791, Casey D- 934, Ev B- 943, Georgina J- 976

Our masters did very well in the 40 ,45, 50 age divisions. There were 18 masters at CFBB competing with 4 being top 100 in Australia!

Matt        1st  (50-54)
Ev         22nd (45-49)
Mina    63rd  (45-49)
Pam      92nd  (45-49)

Great effort to the other masters  John B, Darren I, Cam K , Jenny L, Julian W, Kevin P,
Rob S , Brian L , Dean H , Nick W , Peter P. Huge well done to Peter B for  his first ever M/U and then some. Also a big shout out to Daryl  H who is recovering beautifully after major surgery last year…awesome job mate!

Then we had the CrossFit Teens… Woweeee
Harry who placed 94th in Australia 1054 worldwide in 16-17 years
Zac who placed 53rd in Australia 439  worldwide in 14-15 years
Both putting in an amazing effort with Harry getting 6  M/U after never doing them before and Zac having amazing endurance .
Well done boys & Ev,  you did CFBB very proud.

Everyone had improved from last year with PB lifts , M/U , T 2 B and generally giving it their all with some amazing guts, determination, technique and form.
Thank you to all the members, judges, friends & family for your support and a big thank you to the coaches James,Wesz, Ev, Nick R and Nathan. Let’s see what 2016 brings!

Much Respect!