The 2014 CrossFit Open at CFBB… well what an amazing experience not just for me personally but also for all of the 64 CFBB members who officially registered to do the Open. Not everyone completed all the WOD’s but that’s ok, everyone put in 100% effort.

Judging was a HUGE job and thankfully it was made easier due to an amazing 30 or so CFBB members who decided to complete the judging course and help out. Thanks guys, you were all a great help to me especially on the last WOD.

14.5, thrusters and burpees, was time consuming and quite difficult at times. With no time limit in place & members finishing at different times ranging anywhere from 13 mins to 42 mins, I thank you all for your patience. It was fantastic that no one got annoyed waiting for their turn. I know we all feel the same anxiety, nervousness and just basically want to get the job done. The truth of the matter is that the pain is the same wether it takes 13 minutes or  42mins. I personally have so much respect for the guys & gals who gave it 100% even if their time wasn’t as quick as others.

5 workouts over 5 weeks… with judging on Friday evenings, Saturday’s 10:30am – 2 pm and all classes on Monday’s, what a massive job!

The vibe and atmosphere on the days blew me away. Everyone put in the work.. great times and unbelievable support. To say I am a happy coach is such an understatement  (I was fkn buzzing and in disbelief at some efforts I witnessed). It’s been so rewarding watching  you guys evolve and do weights and movements that you previously wouldn’t attempt. That goes for everyone, not just the members that registered, but also those who didn’t. A few of you kicked yourselves for not registering but then again there’s always next year lol.

I’m kinda glad but sad it’s all over for this year. The Open is always a lot of fun and it gives us the opportunity to see what we need to improve on and what we are good at ..
I could scibble and rant all day but I won’t

See you all next year 🙂 for the 2015 open WODS!IMG_7019_edited-1