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  • Full Time Students* – 10% off

* Must be a full time student under the age of 25 years with valid student ID. Parents’ consent required under 18 years. No further discounts apply.

  • Couples / Family* – 5% off for all additional family members

* Must live at same address

  • Emergency Services and Ex Services* – 10% off for Current Full Time Emergency Services and Full Time ex-services only. No further discounts apply.
  • Seniors Card* – 10% off.

* Valid Seniors card required. No further discounts apply.



  • All Memberships are applicable as of 7 August, 2017
  • Weekly Memberships are required to be paid in advance (fortnightly or monthly) via Direct Debit (Bank Account or Visa/ Mastercard).
      • Suspension periods are available – 2 weeks minimum and 8 weeks maximum with 14 days notice via email.
      • Cancellations of any Membership are required via email with 14 days notice.
      • All Memberships are final (and non-transferable) with no refunds given for any unused memberships.


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