Phillip Island’s hunkiest export Chris Hemsworth is making headlines around the world for his muscular performance as Thor the God of Thunder in the new Avengers movie. This Aussie expat put on well over 20lbs of muscle for his role as the Asgaardian a$$-kicker by following a paleo-like diet and kettlebell training—2 of the corner stones of CrossFit training.

“Hemsworth admits getting into superhero shape was hard work. ‘The kettlebell routines that Mike put me through were intense, partly because I’d never used them before but also because it’s a heavy combination of cardio and weightlifting,’ says the 27-year-old former Home & Away star. ‘Most of my training previously was geared more around cardio – mainly boxing and Muay Thai, with some elements of weights. I hadn’t experienced kettlebells, but it’s a great way to build functional strength.’”

Check out the before & after photo.

Chris Hemsworth Crossfit Before and After

Chris Hemsworth used kettlebells and CrossFit training to get in shape for Thor

In this Men’s Fitness UK article, Chris talks about his routine and how he went from Home and Away to Thor.

And another article following up on his latest film:

In the video he talks about getting too big for his Thor Costume and shifting to CrossFit training!