TUESDAY 1st August
A) Front squat: (WEIGHT)
Build to 6@70%,4@72.5%,2@75% – 10min
B) Strict Pull ups/HSPU (NO SCORE)
Alternating EMOM – 10min
C) For time – 15min cap (TIME)
30,25,20,15 reps of:
Toes to bar
D/B or K/B Front rack lunges
*K/B (24/16)(20/12)(16/10)
or D/B equivalent
*Rx+ d’ball or sand bag
Competition extra work
21min – total reps
1min – tyre flips
1min – burpees
1min – rest

WEDNESDAY 2nd August
“Amanda” – 17min cap
For time:
9,7,5 reps of
Muscle up
Squat snatch
*bar (60/40)(50/30)(40/25)
B) For time – 12min cap (TIME)
4 rounds of
30 push ups
30 double unders
30 K/B swings
*K/B (24/16)(20/12)(16/10)
Competition extra work
5min – Handstand walking: 5m EMOM
5min – strict dips: 5-10 reps EMOM
5min – pistol squat: 10-15reps EMOM

THURSDAY 3rd August
A) Deadlift: (WEIGHT)
Build to 6@70%,4@72.5%,2@75% – 10min
B) For time – 30min cap (TIME)
6 rounds of
10 thrusters
10 D/B snatch
10 cal row
10 abmat sit ups
10m bear crawl
10m broad jump
*bar (45/30)(35/25)(30/20)
*Rx+ GHD sit ups

FRIDAY 4th August
A) Split jerk: (WEIGHT)
3rm – 10min
100m run
12 S/A D/B split jerk
25 medball clean
3 rope climbs
D) shoulder accessory work (NO SCORE)
K/B S/A rows + rear flys – 10min
Competitors extra work:
50,40,30,20,10 cals
Assualt bike
Ski erg

SATURDAY 5th August
19min AMRAP
89 lunges (vest optional)
5 muscle up
8 squat clean
28 cal row/ski/bike
*bar (40/25)(35/20)(30/15)

SUNDAY 6th August
Rest Day

MONDAY 7th August
A) Snatch: (WEIGHT)
3 reps every 90sec,
3 building/3 at working weight
B) Strict pull ups: (NO SCORE)
Slow, tempo controlled reps, 6×3,
go every 90sec
C) Heavy Metcon – 8min cap (TIME)
Back squat 7,5,3,1
*100m object carry between sets
*choose you own loading
D) Conditioning – 8min (NO SCORE)
20sec – K/B SDHP
20sec – rock climbers
20sec – rest
*K/B (24/16)(20/12)(16/10)
Competitors extra work: (NO SCORE)
A) Def. snatch pull 6×4
B) High hang clean + 2xpush jerks 6×1-2

TUESDAY 8th August
A) Press: (WEIGHT)
B) Heavy Metcon – 30mins (TOTAL TIME)
At 0:00-5:00 – 15,10,5 clean+jerk
At 5:00-10:00 – 800m row
At 10:00-15:00 – 12,8,4 clean+jerk
At 15:00-20:00 – 1000m row
At 20:00-25:00 – 9,6,3 clean+jerk
At 25:00-30:00 – 1200m row
*weights ascending, ranging
from 60% up to 90%
Competitors extra work: (NO SCORE)
Run 200m, and in the remainder
of a 3min rounds complete as
many deadball+jump over the
yoke bar. repeat every 3min

WEDNESDAY 9th August
A) Deadlift: week 2 (WEIGHT)
Build to 6@75%,4@77.5%,2@80%
B) Hollow hold + superman hold (NO SCORE)
20sec on both, go every 90sec for 10mins
C) Metcon – 15min cap (TIME)
For time:
100 weight vest lunges
80 box jumps
60 burpees
40 deadlifts
*bar (80/50)(70/45)(60/40)
Competitors extra work (NO SCORE)
(5min to warm up muscle ups)
Metcon – 10min cap
4 rounds of:
13 O/H squats
17 GHD sit ups
In remaining time…
AMRAP muscle ups
*bar (50/30)

THURSDAY 10th August
A) Bench press: week 2 (WEIGHT)
Build to 6@75%,4@77.5%,2@80%
B) Strict ring dips/ring push ups: (NO SCORE)
4-8 reps, set for set with a partner
C) Metcon – 15mins (TOTAL REPS)
60sec – toes to bar
60sec – D/B snatch
60sec – Sled pushes
60sec – double unders
60sec – crab walking
*Rx+ handstand walking

FRIDAY 11th August
A) Front squat: week 2 (WEIGHT)
Build to 6@75%,4@77.5%,2@80%
B) Rope climbs: (NO SCORE)
5min on – practice OR 2 reps EMOM
C) Hero WOD “Daniel” – 20min cap (TIME)
50 pull ups
400m run
21 thrusters
800m run
21 thrusters
400m run
50 pull ups
*bar (43/30)(35/25)(30/20)

SATURDAY 12th August
A) Metcon – 25min cap (partnered) (TIME)
Row (cals) 60,45,30,15
Burpee box jumps 20,15,10,5
Double K/B swings 60,45,30,15
Wall crawls 12,9,6,3
*K/B (20/12)(16/10)(12/8)
*reps shared with partner
*1 works/1 rests
B) Midline work (NO SCORE)
6 rounds:
30sec – plank
30sec – bicycle crunches
30sec – reverse crunches
60sec – rest

SUNDAY 13th August
Rest Day

MONDAY 14th August
a) Backsquat: (WEIGHT)
15min – 1RM
b) Strict HSPU/strict leg raises (NO SCORE)
10min – Alternating each minute
c) Metcon – 10min cap (TIME)
4 rounds for time:
3 rope climbs
25 K/B swings
7 HSPU/21 push ups
*K/B (24/16)(20/12)(16/10)
Competitors extra work:
a) Jerk balance – 7×2 up to 70%
b) power snatch – 5×3 @50%
c) snatch balance – 3×3@50%

TUESDAY 15th August
a) Bench: week 3 (WEIGHT)
10min – build to 8@75%,6@77.5%,4@80%
b) Clusters: (WEIGHT)
10min – 3 on the minute (heavy)
c) Metcon – 13min (REPS)
5 double K/B thrusters EMOM,
then perform as many pull ups as
you can in remaining time of each minute
*K/B (20/12)(16/10)(12/8)
Competitors extra work
a) 10min: 30sec on/off sled
push (140/100)
b) 10min: 30sec on/off d’ball zercher
carry (65/55)

WEDNESDAY 16th August
a) Deadlift: week 3 (WEIGHT)
10min – build to 8@75%,6@77.5%,4@80%
b) Benchmark – “Christine” 15min cap (TIME)
3 rounds for time:
500m row
12 deadlifts @ BW
21 box jumps (20″)
c) Midline + conditioning (NO SCORE)
10min: 40sec on/20sec off
Odds – hollow hold
Even – double unders
Competitors extra work:
a) Farmer’s walk 6x10m (3 build/3 heavy)
b) TRX shoulder complex 5×5
c) GHR’s 3×6

THURSDAY 16th August
a) OPTION 1 – 50min cap (TIME)
10km row time trial
b) OPTION 2 – 40min cap (partnered) (TIME)
Row 100,80,60,40,20cals
Run 1000,800,600,400,200m
Synced burpees 30, “, “,”
Synced Lunges 30, “, “, ”
*share row/run as needed

FRIDAY 17th August
a) Frontsquat: week 3 (WEIGHT)
10min – build to 8@75%,6@77.5%,4@80%
b) 10mins on muscle ups (NO SCORE)
10mins on push ups + ring rows
c) Metcon – 10min AMRAP (ROUNDS+REPS)
3 snatches
9 burpee box overs
*bar (60/40)(50/30)(40/25)
Competitors extra work
a) 10min practice on strict pull ups
and/or butterfly pull ups
b) 12min: 10 plyo-lunges + 10 thrusters
every 2min
*bar (45/30)

SATURDAY 18th August
a) Metcon – 14min cap (TIME)
For time:
75 wallballs
60 O/H lunges
45 toes to bar
*Plate (25/15)(20/10)(15/5)
b) Metcon – 18min AMRAP (partnered) (ROUNDS+REPS)
Each person goes though:
6 deadlift
6 hang power clean
6 front squat
6 S.T.O
Then, each person does:
200m medball run
(100m for scaled)
*bar (40/25)(35/20)(30/15)

SUNDAY 19th August
Rest Day

MONDAY 21st August
Snatch 1rm – 15min
Triple G chipper – 20min cap
100 pull ups
80 sit ups
60 pistol squats
40 cal row
20 S/A D/B push press
*Rx+ GHD sit ups
Competitors extra work
a) Metcon – 6 rounds for time
1 legless rope climb (redline)
2 muscle ups
4m HS walk
TUESDAY 22nd August
a) Front squat: week 4 (WEIGHT)
10min – build to 8@80%,6@82.5%,4@85%
Heavy 17.5 – 12min cap (partnered)
10 rounds for time:
9 thrusters
35 double unders
*bar (60/40)(50/30)(40/25)
*take turns doing a full round
c) Midline work – 5min (NO SCORE)
Hollow rocks – 30sec on/off
Competitors extra work
a) 15min
30sec wall sit + D/B front hold (4/2kg)
30sec row sprint (150/100m)
30sec B/B O/H hold (20/15)
60sec rest

WEDNESDAY 23rd August
Madison triplet – 20min cap
5 rounds for time:
450m run
7 clean burpees over a 30″ box
2223 intervals – 12min
4 rounds of 2mins on and 1 min off to
get through 75 O/H squats, each round
begins with 2 rope climbs and 10 cals
on either ski/bike/row as a buy in.
*final round is 3 minutes
*bar (50/30)(40/25)(30/20)
Competitors extra work
a) 5 rounds, no timer
40m D/B front rack carry
20 box overs
10 hand release push ups

THURSDAY 24th August
a) Bench press: week 4 (WEIGHT)
10min – build to 8@80%,6@82.5%,4@85%
Clean ladder – 22min cap
8 rounds for time of:
4 bar muscle ups
2 cleans
*ascending weight on bar

FRIDAY 25th August
a) Deadlift: week 4 (WEIGHT)
10min – build to 8@80%,6@82.5%,4@85%
Fibonacci finals – 20min cap
5,8,13 reps for time of:
Deficit HSPU
Deadlifts (farmer’s handles 160/100)
Then… 28m double O/H K/B lunge
10,16,26 reps for time of:
HSPU/push ups
Deadlifts (90/60)(70/45)
Then… 28m Double front rack K/B lunge
*K/B (20/12)(16/10)(12/8)
Competitors extra work
a) strict pull ups 4×6
b) butterfly practice – 10min
c) D/B S/A rows 3x10each
d) hollow hold + band pull down 3×20
SATURDAY 25th August
“BADGER” – 35min cap
3 rounds for time of:
30 squat cleans
30 pull ups
800m run
*bar (43/30)(35/25)(30/20)
b) interval conditioning (NO SCORE)
8mins of 40sec hard/20sec slow
on any machine/ropes/sled pushes

SUNDAY 26th August
Rest Day

MONDAY 27th August
a) Front squat: Testing (WEIGHT)
15min – 1RM
b) Metcon – 17min cap (TIME)
50 wallballs
35 S/A K/B cleans
20 muscle ups
35 S/A K/B cleans
50 wallballs
*K/B (24/16)(20/12)(16/10)
Competitors Extra Work:
a) power clean + push jerk 6×2-2@50%
b) pause split jerk 6×2@50%
c) high hang snatch (3sec pause in catch) 6×2@50%

TUESDAY 28th August
a) power snatch: (WEIGHT)
10min – heavy single
b) Metcon – 5x5min (TOTAL TIME)
Go every 5mins, individually timing
each round of:
10 power snatch
15 burpee
45 double under
*rounds capped at 4min
*bar (45/30)(35/25)(30/20)
Competitors Extra Work:
a) From 0:00-10:00
Odds – ski erg
Evens- HS walk
From 10:00-20:00
Odds – assault bike
Evens – GHD sit ups
b) hollow hold band pull down 3×20

WEDNESDAY 29th August
a) Bench Press: Testing (WEIGHT)
15min – 1RM
b) Strict dips + Strict pull ups (NO SCORE)
10min – Alternate with a partner and
alternate movements, sets of 5-10
c) Metcon – 10min AMRAP (ROUNDS+REPS)
10 K/B swings
1 rope climb
*K/B (24/16)(20/12)(16/10)
*Rx+ 32/24, legless rope climb
Competitors Extra Work:
a) Alternating OTM – 16min
Odds – 20sec thrusters (50/30)
Evens – 20sec C2B pull ups
b) bent over rows 12,10,8,6

THURSDAY 30th August
a) Alternating on the minute – 20min (WEIGHT)
Odds – h’p’clean + h’clean + split jerk
Evens – 12 box overs
b) Metcon – 12mins AMRAP (REPS)
Max unbroken HSPU, run 100m every time
you break.

FRIDAY 31st August
a) Deadlift: Testing (WEIGHT)
15min – 1RM
b) Metcon – 20min Cap (TIME)
60 deadlifts
60 pull ups
60 S.T.O
60 toes to bar
60 cal row
*deadlift (70/45)(60/40)(50/30)
*S.T.O (50/30)(40/25)(30/20)
Competitors Extra Work:
a) Metcon – For Time
600m run
25 D/B snatch (22.5/15)
20 burpee box jump
15 double K/B c+j (20/16)
10 bar muscle ups
*any order