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James Clift

Head Coach

Fitness and physical activity has always been a large part of my life, starting with Tai Kwon Do and then moving into indoor soccer, beach volleyball and eventually training at the gym doing weightlifting.

I started lifting weights at home at age 15, doing simple barbell and bodyweight movements, I guess you could say I was doing CrossFit before I even knew what CrossFit was. From there I became obsessed with anything fitness related. After high school I attended Victoria University completing my Cert 3+4 in fitness, and shortly after I began working as a gym instructor with an instinctive drive to help people better themselves.

I worked at two other gym’s before I came to Crossfit Blackburn, and in that time I completed many different educational courses including kettlebell training, sports nutrition, suspension training, boxing, cycle class, strongman training, and of course….CrossFit. I have trained people young and old, for everything including weight loss, muscle building, injury rehab, and sport specific fitness. With a broad knowledge of different training methodologies and a passion for programming on any level, I can get the most out of people, whether it be getting back into shape or getting ready for a sports or CrossFit competition. I take a special interest in advanced Olympic lifting, power lifting, and gymnastics

My health and fitness goals are to keep progressing in competitive CrossFit but also to be strong and mobile well in to old age. CrossFit to me is the future of not only fitness, but health.

Qualifications include:

• Cert 3+4 in fitness Vic Uni
• CrossFit level 1 and 2
• CrossFit Strongman Course
• CrossFit Gymnastics
• Cert in advance medicine ball training
• TRX Certificate
• Kettlebell level 1+2
• Metabolic Precision Course

Kerrin Litchfield

Operations Manager

Kerrin Litchfield’s love for sport began at the tender age of 5 when she started gymnastics.  By the age of 13, she began coaching younger gymnasts and by age 23 she had completed her Bachelor of Applied Science in Physical Education.

Kerrin then worked at King Club Health and Fitness (now Goodlife Wantirna) for 15 years in a variety of capacities including Gym Instructor, Personal Trainer, Personal Training Manager, Gym Manager and Operations Coordinator.  She has also played a high level of competitive tennis for over 20 years.

Qualifications include:

B.Appl.Sc (Phys.Ed)
Certificate 4 in Personal Training
Tennis Australia Advanced Coach
Kettlebells Level 1
Strength and Conditioning Level 1
CrossFit Level 1
CrossFit Kids Course

Kerrin’s philosophy is “you get out what you put in and if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!”

Kylie Wood


Growing up I was always climbing things; that lead me to be introduced to gymnastics by my parents. This was also used to release excess energy. I worked my way up to a Level 6 gymnast, from there I was picked up at the pool doing somersaults into the water, where the local diving coach offered me a free diving lesson, arriving home again some hours later. I dived at a State level before finding my niche as a swimmer. I progressed quickly through the ranks in Victoria and within 18 months I was attending Nationals. I was lucky enough to travel throughout Australia to meets and World Cups and made a Victorian team that traveled to South Korea in 1996.
At the completion of Year 12, I took up swimming teaching and towards the end of my swimming career I took up coaching swimming for my club. I have been teaching and coaching swimming since 1996.

Prior to the discovery of CrossFit in September 2013, I was boxing and had just commenced some gym work in preparation for Tough Mudder (leading to the introduction of CrossFit due to a member of CrossFit Blackburn); I fell in love with CrossFit instantly. During my time at CrossFit Blackburn I was introduced to Controlled Strength Yoga and currently completing my RYT200, Controlled Strength hours.

Over the past twelve months I have competed at the Allstars Affiliate and the Victorian Teams Cup. I will be looking at gaining more competition experience on my way to reaching my goals.
My time at CrossFit Blackburn has been some of the best times, the support and assistance by all has made me a better person and I hope that I can offer the same assistance and support to members.

Qualifications Include:

• Bachelor of Health Science (Human Movement)
• CrossFit Level 1
• Silver Licence Swimming Coach

Wesz Humberstone


If there is only 2 things that are often in Wesz’ hands it is either a barbell or a burger (free range of course). Finding Crossfit in 2012 he became instantly hooked and wanted to see not only how far it would take him, but how far it would take others and in turn loves to see people push their limits, surprise themselves and break their mental barriers to achieve their goals .
“I first heard about Crossfit through a client and as usual got on the HQ website and was instantly blown away by not only how intense it looked but at how Crossfit was telling everyone of all walks of life that YOU could achieve things that most would think Olympians could only learn in their lifetime. In short it would deliver you to your genetic potential.
I believe anyone is capable of anything with a little practice and a positive mental attitude.
A highlight for me would be coming 7th in my first individual comp at the Geelong “Bring It On” Crossfit Throwdown and Being able do King Kong RX(as prescribed) for the first time and becoming an ambassador for Crossfit clothing label 21-15 Nine.”

Qualifications Include:

Cert 3 in fitness
CrossFit level 1
CrossFit strongman
CrossFit Gymnastics
First aid

Davis Lynch


David has been with CFBB since February 2013. Prior to taking up CrossFit David was heavily involved in Football and Basketball as well as Cycling and Running and has completed the ‘Around the bay in day’  200+km Ride a number of times as well as the Melbourne Marathon in 2012. 

“I have always been interested in fitness training of some kind.  I studies Exercise Science at Uni which introduced me to fitness and personal training and eventually lead me into PE Teaching which has been my my occupation for the past 14 years. I played a lot of sport growing up and through my 20’s.  However, completing the Melbourne Marathon in 2012 was definitely one of the most challenging things I have every done.  These days Fitness for me is about the ‘journey’, not the ‘destination’.  I love the challenge of competing as I have always had that competitive drive but it’s the daily training routine and social connections that mean the most to me.  Fitness is my lifestyle.

“Since starting CrossFit my whole perspective on strength and conditioning has evolved.  It just makes sense to me. I personally, have found it challenging to master a number of the skills but I think this gives me a good perspective on how to instruct others with their own skill development”

Qualifications Include:

Fitness/Personal Training
CrossFit Level 1 Coach
Graduate Diploma of Education
Bachelor of Applied Science in Human Movement
First Aid

Andrew Dennis


Andrew (better know simply as ‘Dennis’) has been a long-standing CFBB member who started with the box way back when it was first starting up at Joseph Street. Andrew will be the first to admit that he was not a sporty kid in his younger years and was very much out of shape but since finding CrossFit he has most certainly found his inner athlete and developed a physique and swagger to go with it.

Qualifications Include:

CrossFit Level 1

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