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mobilityAll human beings should be able to perform basic maintenance on themselves” – Dr Kelly Starrett 

Mobility classes are ultimately designed to help you relieve pain or niggles that may stem from day to day, week to week training. Our main aim with this class is to help prevent injuries and optimize athletic performance.

Mobility is your chance to become supple and improve all those niggly areas of reduced flexibility, tightness, soreness and general stickiness! Mobility training combines stretching with active movements, band work, rolling, trigger point release and isolated muscle stretching /strengthening.

*** To give you a better idea about mobility be sure to check out Kelly Starrett’s website: The MWOD site is updated every day with a new mobility exercise and video! The Search function will allow you to search for mobilizations focused on specific movement problems, injuries, or body parts.***

Mobility Class Schedule Our weekly schedule for Mobility classes is available for download from the Timetables page.
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